Grading & Report Cards

Students receive a progress report at the end of each trimester through a standards-based report card.  This type of reporting on your child’s academic progress includes information on your child’s performance over multiple opportunities, not simply grading and averaging tests and quizzes.  For more information, to learn about our indicators of success, and for a list of FAQs, please click here:  

As the end of each trimester nears, I will be checking in with your student in many areas in order to most accurately determine their level of mastery of each standard that will be reported.  While some of this information will come from your child’s performance on online assessments, both on Buzz and on Seesaw, it will also come from 1-on-1 assessment with me, performance on standardized assessments, observation and discussion.  The work they do on Buzz (Accelerated Ed) and Seesaw is just like the classwork we do in a classroom that helps us learn and practice our skills, while the assessments are what determines the performance level.