Device or Expense Reimbursement

Update for the 2021-22 School Year: 

Carlisle Area School District will provide a device or reimbursement of $750 per year to a student enrolled full time in the Carlisle Virtual Academy.

If the student chooses a device, the device is assigned at the time of enrollment and must be returned upon completion of courses or at the end of the school year (whichever comes first). Students who are provided a device to use during their CVA enrollment are not eligible for the expense reimbursement.

Click here to read the CVA Device Guidelines.

Reimbursement of up to $750 per year is available to students who have passed all enrolled courses at the end of the year and not assigned a District device. The reimbursed expenses must be incurred by the student specifically related to this CVA program. Items/services eligible for reimbursement are listed below:

• Computer/laptop/tablet/iPad

• Printer

• Microsoft Office 

• Internet (The proof of expenses for internet must specify the line item cost of Internet.  Otherwise, cable or other such services are NOT reimbursable.) 

• Other items/services pre-approved by the CVA Principal