CHS Graduation Requirements

Effective: Class of 2020-23

English (4 credits)
Social Studies (3 or 4 credits) * See note 1
Science (3 or 4 credits) * See note 1
Mathematics (3 or 4 credits) * See note 1
Arts & Humanities (2 credits) * See note 2
Physical Education - typically .25 credit each year (1 credit)
Health I  - typically 9th grade year (.6 credit)
Health II - typically 11th or 12th grade year (.2 credit)
Safety Education - typically 10th grade year (.2 credit)
Electives (6 credits)



1. A minimum of ten credits must be earned in the combined social studies, science, and mathematics areas.

2. Refer to the Arts & Humanities Electives section of the CHS Educational Planning Guide for a listing of courses that meet this requirement.

In addition,

All students must pass Keystone examinations in Algebra I, Biology and English Literature, the Keystone Exam retest, or a standards-focused remediation course in mathematics, biology and English.

*Students new to the district in Grade 12 with passing state test scores will receive credit. Students with failing scores must take the remediation course. Students with no scores may take a local standards-aligned test and based on results they will either receive credit or will be scheduled into the remediation course.

Students who satisfactorily complete a special education program developed by Individualized Education Program (IEP) teams shall receive regular high school diplomas. This policy applies if eligible students’ special education programs do not otherwise meet all the requirements of Chapter 4 (from Section 4.23 of State Curriculum Regulations).

Students should remediate course failures in summer school in order to stay on track to graduate with their class.

All students must carry a minimum of five major credits at all times plus any necessary minor credits.  This applies to all students  Only seniors who are in their fifth year of high school shall be considered as exceptions to this stipulation as evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the CVA principal.

The administration cannot make exceptions to these requirements.

CVA students who complete these (minimum) graduation requirements shall receive a standard CHS Diploma.